Boomers vs. Millenials: Entitlement Showdown

Aug 4 | Posted by: Fighter #1 | Tags: My Alienating Opinions

There aren’t enough articles about how s/Millenials/kids these days/g or s/Boomers/old people/g are entitled and ruining everything, right? Better write another one!

You may have noticed that kids these days/old people are terrible and entitled and are ruining/have ruined the economy. The common wisdom seems to be that they are doing/did this because they are selfish and entitled and don’t understand hard work.

Right, so stereotyping an entire generating is pretty ageist and silly. There are always going to be some people who are lazy, entitled, and selfish. Here’s the interesting thing about it.

With young people these days the entitlement manifests as “I deserve everything that I want”.  Whereas the older crowd is inclined to believe “I deserve everything that I have.”

So here’s the interesting thing to do with those ideas. Explicitly add the implicit “just like everyone.” “I deserve everything that I want, just like everyone.” “I deserve everything that I have, just like everyone.”

Obviously, acting entitled doesn’t particularly help anyone, but I honestly prefer the former of those two attitudes. “I deserve everything, I want just like everyone” says that the point of society is to help everyone achieve their goals. “I deserve everything I have, just like everyone” says that anyone who’s been dealt a bad hand in life deserves it and should not be helped.

There’s always going to be people who behave like selfish jerks, but I’d rather live in a society where those selfish jerks at least nominally want good things for everyone else.

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